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Shot at 2007-07-16
translated by simple - Ken's part only
source: Taiwan Apple Daily

Ken Chu Milan fashion trip, buy underwear first.
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To commemorate the Italian designer Gianni Versace died for 10 years, Milan hold a series of commemorative activities. The highlight is on the 15th at the "Thank You Gianni With Love" ballet performances and dinner. Brand incumbent helmsman Donatella Versace led members of the family, and welcome global guests. Ken Chu is the only attended on behalf of the Eastern Star. This is his first time to Italy and participate in the Italian fashion event, but also encountered bad things : "My luggage left in Hong Kong, and even underwear had to re-buy in Milan. "

Ken first on the participation of Italian fashion feast felt very interesting : "Many western stars wearing very solemnly walked up and feel much like the scene in the film. "Versace provide suits for him to attend the dinner along, but he appears to have become edema. Yesterday he transit in Rome to Hong Kong, he said : "This time I am a little crack with jetlag, the whole person becomes edema, even the eyes bags are swollen. "He's even more sad is that he brought three cameras to take pictures, but also on the missing suitcase : "No commemorative photo, a bit waste in this trip, I hope that the next Italian trip to be a good one. "

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