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Zai Zai's a Chef Competes with Wu Zun for Popularity

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Zai Zai and recently rising idol Wu Zun will soon be comparing popularity, the two's starring dramas [Mei Wei Guan Xi 美味關係] and [Romantic Princess 公主小妹] will be competing. Zai Zai in [Mei Wei Guan Xi] plays a chef, image is very forever noble, but his next idol drama for promoting tourism; [Wait for you here 在這裡等你] changes commoner image to drive taxis, director Cai Yue Xun 蔡岳勳's new film [Ruffian Hero 痞子英雄] also becomes a police, constantly looking for new break throughs, preventing new waves catching up.

[Mei Wei Guan Xi] stars Zai Zai & Patty Hou, filming was as long as 9 months, production costs was $70,000,000. This film is determined to be brodcasted on CTS early Sept after Mike He, Rainie Yang's [Why Why Love]; which is also another strong weekend idol drama. CTV also wants to compete with GTV's Wu Zun & Angela Zhang 's [Romantic Princess], they'll continue to broadcast currently broadcasting [18 Jin Bu Jin] so that in early Sept Zai Zai & Wu Zun can compete.

Not only are the actors competing, both drama's directors are looking forward to a competion as well. No matter power or ratings both will be compared.

Last weekend Zai Zai along with Ken Zhu and Michelle Chen 陳妍希 were trying out images for the tourism drama [Wait for you here], it's a bit of a headache for the drama team, since they had to figure out how to make Zai Zai become more of a commoner, to take of that prince charming image. In the drama he was a best selling artist, to find inspiration he goes and drives a taxi to experience life.

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