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Latest F4 News Updates

Latest Updates:

'Hero' was chosen by Director Cai couple, Zhang Jun Ning, and ZZ yesterday, and it will be played by a newcomer
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Aditional Information:

The F4 Album new year edition comes with a DVD of the launching album concert and a 16 pages photobook...

Check out the cover of the album: GMusic

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Jerry @ "There's No Way I Can Leave You"

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Top Five Mandarin Albums


Friday, 2008 February 01, Page 14

1 Aska Yang and Dove with 11.38 percent of sales

2 F4 and Waiting for You - Await Your Love with 9.54%

3 Rene Liu and I'm Fine with 6.25%

4 YUE and Perfect Match with 5.71%

5 Valen Hsu and Latitude 66 Degrees with 5.31%

Album chart compiled from G-Music (, based on retail sales
thanks to kczhu, Taipei Times

Update from Just VanNess..

After months of hardwork, drama "Wish to see you again" is going on air in Taiwan
Feb 3 CTS 22:00~23:30
Feb 9 ONTV 20:30~22:00

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