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"Waiting Here for You" preview, Zaizai wears DaS love jewelry again

"Waiting Here for You" preview, Zaizai wears DaS love jewelry again

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Last time he got interviewed in Mainland and his lover-jewelry got discovered, Yesterday, "Waiting here for you " held a press conference, he still had on him the lover chain with a crystal that they both wore while dating, making the outside world feeling Zaizai still is linked by the heart with DaS. Zaizai's manager Zhi Xiang Li says, Zaizai often wears that necklace, it doesn't have any other meaning, it's a family feeling.

In this serie, Zaizai has improved dramatically, director Lin highly praises : " He will definitely become Taiwan's Tony Leung !" Zaizai giggles nervously : "Does this mean I'll also have to film 'Lust, Caution' ? " Everyone quickly asked if he'd reveal his intimate parts, he quickly refused : "Mine dont look good."

Tourism board Idol drama "Waiting Here for you" will premiere today at 10 pm, yesterday, at the preview event, ZAizai was still the press focus, even Guan Yin, King one were left on the side, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu didn't even appear, Vanness's reason weren't very clear, his manager said "This morning he got a stomach ache"; then it became "he got back to the States" ; Ken being a male lead didnt attend, it is rumored that he had other engagements, that is to especially go to the States to wish a happy new year to his girlfriend Kelly Lin's parents, at the same time asking for their daughter's hand, Manager Zhi Xiang Li didnt deny or confirm, only said "not clear about it", Kelly's manager quickly said " you think too much".

After the end of DaZai Lian, Michelle Chen surprisingly got rumored as "third party", Zaizai and Michelle both took that as a joke. But, yesterday, the two, while talking about the kiss in the elevator, smiled sweetly, Michelle even said sulkily to Zaizai : "that was my first on screen kiss !" saying that he was laughing and ad NGS, making her getting scolded by the director, Zaizai immediately says "That's because we are too close."

Michelle, who has been labeled as "DaS look-alike", while filming, got called to the office by Angie Cai and director Lin and got scolded, Director Lin even said " If you continue to act badly, It'll be whether you resign, or I'll fire you !" making Michell crying non-stop : "I want to stay." after all that tough experiences, she yesterday especially thanked ZAizai : "He really helped me a lot."

Zaizai is forced to learn from Tony Leung and reveal his most intimate parts, Director Lin adds : "the iron is waiting" no one understood his humour, he could only explained " there are some wrinkles, need to iron it flat" rated kind of topic. Talking about Edison's pictures incident, ZAizai suddenly became serious : "the people who purposely did it are really evil" some people reminded him to be careful not to send his computer to repair ( giving it to "Xiu"), He regains his humorous self : " Are you saying to Xiu Jie Kai (his friend)?"

Guan Yi recently got two lumps on her throat, because she is taking antibiotics, so she couldnt drink alcohol, she didnt dare to get too near the press, fearing to be asked about Jerry Huang. It had been rumored that he recently went to visit the filming set recently, the two have some reconciliation hints, but Guan Yi gave an ambiguous answer, saying, "Afterwards, whether I want to go out with whom or I go out with who, I wouldn't want to explain it to everyone"

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