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Da Zai Lian reviving ? Xu mama clueless

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DaZai Lian are rumored to have rekindled, Zaizai recently often went to see DaS, his excuse being that they take Elly out to play. Xu mama currently in the States, doesn't know anything about it, she laughingly says "What do you mean reconcile ? Xi Yuan called me saying that she wanted to take Elly out, about Zaizai accompanying, I really don't know."

But Xu mama says very sensibly, " I'm saying, after breaking up, you still can be friends, there is no need to become enemies, you need to be adults." can DaS and Zaizai make up? Xu mama doesnt directly replies, she insists again and again : "Separated lover being friends isnt a bad thing."

Xu mama and Xiao S and son in law Mike are on a trip in America , they'll come back before the new year to Taiwan, she says : " After the new year, Xiao S will have to start working, we are traveling to relax, we are not clear about what is happening in Taiwan." Does Zaizai, profiting from Xu mama's absence, secretly dating? Xu mama humourously replies "I'm having time difference problems. I'm stilll trying to get used to it. Can't mind it for now."

Friends who are close to Zaizai think that he is a very dependent person on his past girlfriends because he was too sticky making them not able to bare it. After he broke up with DaS he can't cut it immediately, proving his dependence on DaS is very deep.

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