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Attention to this person who's using 2 IPs

Attention to this person who's using 2 IPs:


I love reading all your messages on my tagboard - on my blog (, but please if i say AM B-U-S-Y, it's for REAL!

can't you see am working here? Yes, am in the office. My PC Monitor at home broke down few days ago. If i said, I cannot do whatever you asked, and I requested you to visit my forum to check the links, Please do so. Bakit ka nakikialam eh hindi naman ikaw ang kausap ko?

Leave my site alone. Wag mong sirain ang araw ko kasi alam ko san kita hahanapin. Impostor, Copycat... Gets mo? Now your friends are joining my FORUM, bakit kaya? Spying on me? on Us? Shut Up, dun kayo sa bundok, bwiset, araw-araw nagche-check ako sa member list, at presto---BAN AGAD KAYO - !@##$@#$@!!!!

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