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Freezing ...

Freezing ...

It's very cold here in the office. But it's Sunny outside (i can see it because am sitting near the window, beside the super duper huger aircon LOL). During breaktime i noticed a "mugshots" posted on our bulletin board. Why mugshots? because i saw our faces on that piece of paper! hahaha! Actually that is EOTM, in our lingo --- Employee of The Month (January!) weeeeeeeeee! This is the first time i was included on the list because during the past few months, i wasn't included. You have first get a "client site" before you get this kind of incentive (with no absences, no lates, no violations) hahaha. Where is the incentive? Gone in a few seconds! hehehe. Bought foods, foods, pay bills...etc ...Totally Gone! hahaha!Now i have to be a "good girl" once again for February (hehe). As i wrote few weeks ago, my status here is not-that-ok, hanging! don't know if they are going to renew my services. I don't know! waaaaaaaah!

Last Weekend I met my friends, we ate at our famous hideout! (it's a hideout so am not going to reveal the name of the place) then we went home and watch Cds! yeah (special thanks to laurzai and wengvann), it really made my weekend -- COMPLETE (like taking my daily dose of centrum,haha) i really love our bugoys (f4), also i love KUYA so much now (Jerry, hehehe) then i went to Cavite for Lace's Birthday (Belated, thanks for the food!)...

Last Night, we were at Rockwell (with Kuya Az not the other Kuya LOL). He got premiere tickets of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Starring Brad Pitt and Cassey Affleck). While waiting, we were at Coffee Bean and surfing the net. Kuya saw somebody reading a newspaper (chinese) and Edison is on frontpage, we were laughing and I said i want to borrow the newspaper (as if i can read chinese LOL,nothing just curious on the pictures on the newspaper). then I saw a newsclip posted by wengvann in our JVKV Multiply (actually i posted that last Weekend) wherein Jerry (acting) like banging his head on the wall during BOF interview with Wu Zun and Show (laughing out loud!) ... He is such a crazy boy! LOL!!!

It was a long movie, i was so sleepy then but the movie is soooo good. Brad's acting is not bad here same with Cassey. It's a story of how Jesse James was assassinated and what was his life as "Cowboy-Gangster" hihihi.The movie is not recommended for kids because it contains violence. Love the cowboy suits (hehehe)

You can read the spoiler here, I mean the Synopsis haha

Lesson learned for today:
Set your own limitations. Read Vanness blog more often, and don't try to surf at yesasia. hahaha! You know what i mean....Get enough sleep. Don't eat too much! hahaha! =p

Till here, am so sleepy. I want to go home. I'm done with my task. wow it's only 11am! hahaha! My teamleader said she's giving me another task (am going to optimize another site). Poor me.Why me?


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