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"Waiting Here for you" preview lost its focus, Zaizai Guan Yi two loves
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Vic Zhou (Zaizai) attended yesterday to "Waiting here for you" press conference, Kingone Wang, Michelle Chen, Guan Yi also dressed up for it. Regarding to have being spotted going to DaS house, he smiles and says : "I went to see Big sis (Barbie and Dee sister) child, my relationship with Xi Yuan now is like family, it only lack of intimate behaviour, that's all. " The two are interacting as if there is no awkwardness due to the break up at all.
Compared to Zaizai open and composed attitude, Guan Yi as soo as she heard the words "Jerry Huang" she immediately acted dumb, saying "I dont know". Zaizai and Guan Yi got surrounded by the press, Angie Cai, Kingone and Michelle got squeezed in between, becoming miccrophone stands, the drama promotion totally lost its focus.

Guan Yi thinks of herself ans someone who doesnt lie, regarding the fact that she was openly going as a pair with Jerry, she said : "He is so big, too hard to hide !" in her words, there was still some smile, but the present her is choosing to be herself, whether she wants to go here and there with which man, she doesnt need to deny, but when asked about her relationship with Jerry, she replies "Dont know" that kind of evasive answer, also reveal that they have have ambiguous relationship as before.

This time, in "Waiting here for You" Zaizai acts as a bestselling author who is having a block, he feels that comparing to all his past roles, the frustrated and crazy writer made him able to expand his acting even more , his exciting performance not only let producer Angie Cai satisfyingly nodding, but Director Lin even praised him non-stop : "I feel that he 'll become Taiwan's Tony Leung" Angie Cai immediately turned to Zaizai asking "Then, do you agree to show your intimate parts ? " Zaizai froze for two seconds then said "Mine dont look nice, no need to film !"

The press conference prepared a few tourism spots to test the actors about their understanding of Taiwan, the Ylan born Zaizai stared at the map for long time, and almost put "Love river" at "Tong San river", from the look of it, he is minding very much about "Tong San river" not being listed as one of the 8 best spots. "Waiting here for you" is Taiwan first Idol drama in cooperation with the Tourism board, last december, it had premiered already in Japan, ratings and reviews were really good, CTV will start showing it from 3rd of February at 10pm.

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