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Vanness & Arissa: No sex or french kissing

Vanness Wu became a hamburger store manager for one day on the 21st, and talked for the first time about his reconciliation with girlfriend Arissa Cheo, stating their abstinence. "This is a really serious matter, (their promise to God), not something to be spoken of lightly." Asked if he would French kiss her? He shook his head vigorously, (but what if you guys get too passionate?) then tapped his cheek, saying "A kiss here is okay."

He met Arissa when filming the MV for his song "My Kingdom", but they split up after one year together. She has once acted in "RMVB", her father is a Singaporean "higher-up" in the media. He speaks of their reconciliation, "I was the one who brought it up. She still keeps in contact with my family, we broke up earlier because I had issues with my character and way of thinking. I prayed to God, and he gave me courage, so I am very happy right now."

The pair have started dating again, with a view to get married. "We are very blissful together, I once made hamburgers for her to eat." To rumours that she dumped her then current boyfriend to date him again, he vehemently denied it. "That's definitely not true, I've known her for a very long time, she is a very gentle person." To media reporters who keep digging up her past and making headlines about it, he said, "They can do whatever they want, I don't care, as long as ti doesn't hurt our families, I already feel very embarrassed that they have to go through all this."

Vanness' project, idol drama "That Year, the Rain Didn't Stop" (那年,雨不停國) aired yesterday, in which he plays the main male lead's older cousin. Outside of filming, the two of them get along pretty well, with Bryan Chang asking Vanness for tips on how to get a nice body. Vanness replied that other than intense core training, he eats 20 proteins a day, and Bryan almost fainted after hearing that! After less than a week on that route, he couldn't take it and switched to a high protein diet instead.

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ AsianFanatics

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