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Spotted: Vanness Wu and his new girlfriend

Last seen in the hit drama series, Autumn Concerto, Taiwanese-American artiste Vanness Wu was recently spotted in the company of an unknown long-haired female while shopping in Hong Kong. He admitted to having a new girlfriend and explained that "we are still trying to work things out."

Due to delays in the filming schedule for his new movie, The Killer Never Kills, directed by Philip Ng, the 31-year-old was able to enjoy some free time in early April. A few days ago, he was spotted in the company of a fashionable and sweet-looking long-haired beauty at Hong Kong's Zhonghuan street.

Decked out in a black couple outfit, the blissful pair was seen exchanging intimate gestures. When they were on the escalator, Vanness dotingly arranged the hair of his female companion, and waited patiently for her while she did her shopping.

The couple hurriedly left the area when they spotted the presence of reporters. When the press questioned his female partner's identity, Vanness tried diverting the attention to others around him and asked, "You wanted to take a photograph with me?"

Despite his initial denial, the fervent Christian confirmed rumours of a blossoming romance through his manager, Katie, and said, "Since photographs have already been taken, I'll just have to admit it. Yes, that's right, she is my new girlfriend and we started dating not too long ago.

"We have the same faith and background. We get along pretty well and we are still in the stage of trying to work things out," Vanness admitted.

Katie refused to divulge further details of his said girlfriend and only shared that "she is over 25 years old and is 160cm tall." She pointedly expressed for reporters to refer her as "Miss A" as she does not belong to the industry.

"She [Vanness's girlfriend] has already gotten a shock from all the stalking and following. It is not convenient for me to explain too much," Katie said.

Sources believe that Miss A does not belong to the entertainment industry and has been longtime friends with Vanness. She is an American-born Chinese and they were brought together by their common religious beliefs.

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