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Vanness Wu addresses media claims about girlfriend

Girlfriend Arissa Cheo's father is not a media bigwig, and she also did not dump her ex hastily to reunite with him, singer-actor Vanness Wu clarified on Wednesday at an event in Taipei.

The former F4 member had confessed to the romance after being photographed shopping in Hong Kong with Arissa, a Singaporean heiress. Since then, the rumour mill has been working overtime digging into the 27-year-old's background.

Some reports claimed she is the daughter of a top executive at a large media group in Singapore, which has since been confirmed to be untrue. A photo of Arissa and another man, believed to be recent, also surfaced.

Vanness said, "The person in the photo is her cousin. Please don't create anymore unnecessary problems."

The 31-year-old apologized to Arissa's family, while confirming they are "very well-to-do".

During the interview, Vanness also revealed that they first broke up because of him, but religion changed his outlook of life and he picked up the courage to contact the one-time actress again.

Marriage is also a key consideration in getting back together, he said.

Has he been keeping up with his chastity pledge?

The pious Christian insisted he has, she respects him, and they limit themselves to hugging and holding hands.

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