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Van Ness Wu goes shopping with his new girlfriend in HK

Here's more from Appledaily:

It turns out that Van Ness Wu’s “new girlfriend” isn’t so new after all. According to “close friends”, his girlfriend Arissa Cheo was the person that he was dating back in 2006. She is apparently from a rich family in Singapore and has two brothers who are studying in California. She also appeared in the music video for his song “My Kingdom”.

Van Ness Wu and his girlfriend were also spotted in Taipei on April 2nd

After the news of Van Ness Wu’s relationship, his manager Katie tried to keep a low profile at first. However, the two were not actually just starting to date, but rather rekindling their relationship. They were reportedly together 4 four years ago, but Arissa was in the US while Van Ness was filming and touring in Asia, and eventually broke up. His manager Katie was asked if the on and off again “AV-love” is back on. She responded, “On that (I) can’t answer.” As for Arissa’s appearance in his MV, Katie said “(she) just happened to be there.”

According to a source, the 27 year-old Arissa was very popular in her school days. There are many photos of her on the Internet, and most seemed to have been taken at nightclubs, including some with Van Ness. The source also pointed out that the couple share several common friends like Stanley Huang, Jaycee Chan and Melody Yeung. At the press conference of his new film Go Lala Go, Stanley Huang said, “(I) didn’t know he has a girlfriend, and (I) don’t know this girl.”

In contrast, Jaycee Chan acknowledged that he has known Arissa for 3 to 4 years. He said she is easy-going, gentle and makes friends easily. Jaycee Chan was a little shocked to hear the resurrection of “AV-love”. He joked at first, “Isn’t God Van Ness’s girlfriend?” He continued, “They are definitely not boyfriend/girlfriend.” Obviously, Jaycee Chan is still having trouble accepting their "renewed" relationship.

Jaycee Chan is not taking it well...

Source: AppledailyTW, Next Magazine

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