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Vanness Wu tweets of solidarity with girlfriend

Vanness Wu's newfound faith has without doubt made him the new darling of the media.

After proclaiming a few months ago that he would not lie anymore about his love life due to his Christian faith, the former member of F4 has gone from admitting without hesitation to his latest girlfriend, to now tweeting of the couple's solidarity in fighting the current limelight.

His Twitter wrote, "Babie, this is our war against the outside world. Jesus has descended and sent His angels. Let's fight this battle together."

More is now known about Arissa Cheo, the 27-year-old Singaporean heiress.

Other than having already dated Vanness for a year in 2006, Arissa also tried her hand at stardom in Taiwan when she was 19. But after acting stints in idol dramas Toast Boy's Kiss II and Sweet Lemon under the stage name Yao Zhining, she left for studies in California as she could not achieve the breakthrough she desired.

Local reports also claimed her father is a top executive at a large media group in Singapore.

In response, Arissa tweeted that it was her friends who encouraged her to act in the idol dramas, but her dream is to be a singer, although her parents are against it.

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