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Esquire's April 2010 article on Vic - English translation

Credit Thanks : af4zz @ V.I.C for translation for us.
Thanks to : Orange_Vic@Pantipmember for posting

Thanks to Meihua for typing out the Esquire article. Based on Meihua’s post, I’ve put together an English translation of the Esquire article for Vic’s non-Chinese-reading fans. Please make allowances as there will be many places which the translation is not quite correct.


“I’m happy when I’m performing in front of a camera”
After the experience gained from several TV series and movies, Zai has come to enjoy performing, giving his all to achieve perfection, projecting his force as an actor.
Away from the stage, he is still unwavering in meeting challenges, trying out new things, ignoring the trivial disturbances surrounding him, immersing himself into each role he plays. In the future, he will continue in his pursuit of his ideals and announce to the world his dreams.

One can only be happy with a work product if he was fully prepared and conscientious

From his rise to fame as a member of F4 in the popular Meteor Garden, Zai has always been in the focus of attention, exuding an unstoppable star quality. However, Zai says that behind the glamour and large productions, he felt a great emptiness. It was not until he met Director Cai and Da S for MARS, that he started to like acting. “They are perfectionists in what they do, I learnt a lot from them whether acting or work attitude. I started to understand that acting is not only concerned with looking good through the screen, but with developing a multi-faceted character that belongs to me”

Looking at the wave of newcomers, Zai hopes they have the right mentality to be in the business, not just by luck or as a hobby. He also hopes that the agents will adopt a more responsible approach to develop the newcomers, and teach them how to treat people with sincerity. One can only be happy with a work product if he was fully prepared and completed it with utmost sincerity.

In his effort to step up to the next level, he has refrained from acting in “pure romances”. Recently after a long break, he came across “Returning Home” based on a true story, which has rekindled his interest and high spirits. The story is set in the period of internal war, and the Japanese invasion of China. Zai plays a medical doctor in the military, surrounded by injuries and death, war hostages and the ruthlessness of war. “Actually in that setting, no matter which side of the war one is on, one has already forgotten about one’s own safety. All people can think about would be their family.” Zai has high expectations for this epic series which is considered the Asian version of “The Titanic”, and hopes that he will have a chance at the GB awards (translator: personally don’t think this is what Zai is concerned with).

A fine line between introvert & extrovert

When he first started acting, he was reactive and doing what the director tells me to do, I didn’t have any individuality. However reality and acting are still different, and so, during his available time before the next series starts filming, he has gathered some friends to start a workshop, actively working towards a group creative project that is faithful to the original ideal. “Now I realize that when everyone is committed to a common interest, we are not that far from reaching our goals. it our commitment and experience, I’m sure the final product will be very close to what we originally envisaged.”

Zai says that he most wants to try to play a mentally disturbed or schizophrenic, reason being that he will spend months playing his role. He likes to live the part he’s playing, almost living identical life off-screen during the period of filming. If I can play two characters in a movie, or a part with multiple personalities, then I can live vicariously through them and get more experience, which is what I want to try.” He is impressed with what Robert Downey Jr said of his role in Tropic Thunder, many have played mentally retarded, but being the character does not get you an acting award, the challenge is to create individuality through your own unique interpretation of the part.

Zai indicated he used to tend to be impulsive. However with the incessant rumours and gossips, he has adjusted his emotions from being angry to being excited, as he is determined to tackle these with the truth. “I can understand the demands of the media, but I am angry at being malicious slandered or being used to create gossip. I only want to be a good actor, and use my will and power to reverse the “gossip” culture that has been existent for so long”. To be happy whenever he wants like any ordinary person, is his most ordinary wish at this moment.

Zai frequently works overseas, and every time he travels to foreign places, he has to adjust and familiarize himself with his environment. He said he used to miss his family and girlfriend when he travelled. Now he makes sure those foreign countries he travels to are well connected with internet. As long as he can communicate through the internet, distance is no longer an issue. Now that he has become a spokesperson for Sony「α」series, he also captures the things he sees during his travels through his camera, a necessity he now uses to record moments, adding color to his itinerary.

Zai recommends 「α550」和「α500」for those beginners who are looking to upgrade their camera. He smiles seriously and says that he doesn’t say this because of PR for Sony, but that these cameras have a feature that will adjust the color and contrast no matter the light condition under which the picture is taken, so that the picture quality is greatly improved. Zai said that he doesn’t really like photographers telling him to pose coolly looking shuai. He like pictures that are spontaneous, that will be interpreted through the subject’s emotions and background story, the environment during the picture taking, etc, that will touch the people looking at the pictures. Zai is finding his orientation and style, through concentrating on his present projects, demanding attention to details. He will continue to be unwavering and keep to his principles, being true to himself and his attitude in life.

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