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Vanness Wu: V.DUBB (SonyBMG)

Vanness Wu: V.DUBB (SonyBMG)

I once watched Vanness Wu live in concert and remember thinking at the time that the guy could actually sing. However, those talents tend to be a little overshadowed by his former pretty-boy F4 image and over-produced music tracks.

Unfortunately, on this album the songs are once again the beat-heavy dance tracks and ballads that he is known for, which is a shame.

Yes, the songs are catchy, danceable and his ballads are sappy and romantic. But they sound so much like his previous songs, and all the other songs by young male artistes that it’s becoming a little disenchanting.

But then again, the blandness of the music would probably be the least of Wu’s fans’ worries, since they’d probably be too distracted by the picture of a shirtless Wu on the album cover – the elaborate packaging featuring more pictures of Wu and the two giant posters Wu. Definitely for fans of Wu only, this.

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