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VicBie Was Mentioned during Vic's DR Promo in Beijing

VicBie Was Mentioned during Vic's DR Promo in Beijing

ZZ during Delicious Relationship Chat

news credit to VB

*translated the parts that i cud understand

When ZZ was asked about the diamond ring and and if there will be a wedding soon, ZZ said that the diamond ring was just a gift. He said that when he saw something he likes, anything that he think will suit to anyone like his mother, family or will look good on barbie, he'll buy it and give it as a gift

Patty Hou also said that when barbie comes to visit, she would always bring food for everyone and chat with them, and this makes ZZ shy, Barbie then will ask eveyone to asked ZZ to talk and chat with them. She also said that when Barbie comes to the set, the atmosphere is very happy.

ZZ also said that since both him and barbie are both actors, they always discuss about their work and scripts, and they understand each other very much.

Credit: xiaochien of AF


Watch Clip:

Patty Revealing that Barbie Visits on DR Set, Happy Atmosphere

Credit: vicbarbie.comv

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