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Zaizai's Fan Meeting in Shanghai

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Yesterday night, zai held a fans meeting at Shanghai. Although there was intense rainfall, fans' passion and eager were not affected at all. Zai performed wholeheartedly last night. What surprised zai is that, members of his fans club gave zai a meaningful present.

Organization committee had prepared 3000 seats, but this could not satisfy the demand from zai's fans. There were fans who didn't have a seat chose to stand for one and a half hour to enjoy zai's performance. What moved zai the most is that zai's Shanghai fans club member donated a sum of money to a primary school in Lanzhou to repair its old main building in zai's name.

That night, zai sang the songs: Love to love you, Remember I love you, Meteor rain etc. Many fans hummed at the time when zai sang these classics. During the meeting, fans shouted "Dai S, Dai S (Barbie)" It is clear that zai's fans not only love zai, they love zai's love as well. Near the end of the meeting, all fans called for an encore session which can only be seen in concerts, zai treats his fans well enough to come on stage again and sang Souxidewenrou (ending theme song of Silence) and I do (faye wong's song) without backgroud music. This showed zai's actual talent in singing.

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