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Wang Chao Made A Major Change; Invitied Linxilei, ZhuxiaoTian To

Wang Chao Made A Major Change; Invitied Linxilei, ZhuxiaoTian To
Join In ¡§Once Again¡¨

2007-06-27 11:08:04 Source: Southern Newspaper

¡§Anyang Babies¡¨ director Wang Chao is slated to shoot the film
¡§Once Again¡¨. This reporter has learned that the movie is a joint
venture of Mainland China , Hogkong and France and has invited
Linxilei, Zhu Xiao Tian, Huang Lixiang as the major star players.
Wang Chao admitted that he sincerely wants to target the domestic
market for this movie.

According to the reports, ¡§Once Again¡¨ is about a story of white
collar workers in Shanghai , a story of love lost in the city. In
the previous years, Wang Chao¡¦s works included ¡§Anyang Babies,
¡§Jiancheng Summer¡¨ and ¡§Day and Night¡¨, which were all entries to
various international film festivals, but has never made an impact
on domestic cinemas. In the movie, ¡§Once Again¡¨, he is expecting to
make a major transformation. Investors from the Hongkong company
said that French audiences is very familiar with Wang Chao¡¦s work
and is known as one of the excellent Chinese directors in France,
favoring the expected strong impact there by the French investors.It
was learned that the investment for this movie has reached to 18
million yuan. In addition, ang Lee¡¦s movie partner Linlaingzhong
will take part on the movie for its cinematography.

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