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Zai Zai, Zhu Hsiaot'ien drives taxis around Taiwan

Zai Zai, Zhu Hsiaot'ien drives taxis around Taiwan

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Reporter Zhao Dachih
/Taipei report

The new edition of tourism bureau idol play "Wish to see you again"
shot by Chai Chihping has finished shooting, Zai Zai, Zhu Hsiaot'ien
would be acting the roles of taxi drivers, taking everybody on a
sightseeing tour throughout Taiwan, introducing the beautiful
sceneries and the abundant delicious food of Taiwan . Besides this F4
has also confirmed to gather together in October, planning to an
large-scale Japanese Korean meet the fans session in Taipei "Xiao Ju

F4 holds the post of Taiwan tourism ambassadors for Japan and Korea
Area. Yesterday the CF advertisement was officially broadcasted,
although Taiwan audience would not be able to see it, but according
what tourism bureau international group officials disclosed, this
finely manufactured 30 second advertisement, would be put 2 days
on the tourism bureau's website to be broadcast, welcome everybody
watch F4's charming demeanors.

What is special is, continuously suffering many setbacks before
success idol play, after the stopping of the original "Guo Shi De
Lie", Chai Chihping has already prepared a new case, Zai Zai, Zhu
Hsiaot'ien having important roles, two people act as taxi-drivers
different family backgrounds, Vanness is a guest performer, the role
of the leading lady will also be by a new comer.

Zai Zai previously loves to race cars, after having 2 traffic
accidents and Da S's love nourishment, already restrained a lot. In
the new play "Wish to see you again" he changes to drive the taxi,
"walking the path of being closer to ordinary folks", the role is
completely different from the former roles of entrepreneur or the son
of upper-class family . Occasionally will take taxis, Zai Zai,
started to observe the driver uncle's words and behavior manners, for

After the idol play has completed shooting, F4 will again go to
South Korea, to personally introduce to local fans there this
representative work which talks all about the beauty of Taiwan.

Translated by Jace @ kcifc_sg

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