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Zai Zai spent birthday with Da S

Zai Zai spent birthday with Da S

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Fans donate money to rebuild school to celebrate Zai Zai's Birthday

Today's Zai Zai's 26 birthday and his birthday wish was very simple "Hope to be healthy". His fans were very touching and mature. Zai Zai once said "Don't buy any presents for me. Donate the money to help those in need" and because of that, Zai Zai's fans formed a ???????? group to do charity act. This year, they managed to raise a fund of 160 000 China money and spend 100 000 of it to help rebuild some schools in Ning Xia, Gan Su that were in danger. They also plan to consistently for 5 years, donate 100 000 Taiwan money to a family aid centre in Yi Lan which is Zai Zai's hometown to help the needy children.

When Zai Zai learnt of his fans' actions, he kept saying "I'm really happy. It's great. Hope everyone will continue to support." Recently, Zai Zai has been busily recording his new album but his company has decided to give him a special day off since it's his birthday and yesterday, he went out with Da S to celebrate together. In relation to t he recent rumours of breakup between the two, this act seem to show that the relationship between the two is not like what the rumous say and there's no breakup.

The ????????group formed by Zai Zai's fans also printed a book called ?Power with Love???????to celebrate their idol's birthday. It is a 2007 edition.

The fans spent a lot of time to gather all of Zai Zai's news in the year and also pictures from his events. The most unique part is that fans from all over the world also specially made a ??????(favourite food) section which include barbeque meat rice, curry race, fried rice, birthday cake etc. They took photos of the food to put into the book to share the joy with everyone.

Yesterday, Zai Zai went to the office to do costume fitting for a advertisement and it coincided with the arrival of a parcel sent by a Japan fan which included cloths, hat and biscuits etc. In reality, Zai Zai dislike fans spending money to give him presents and would rather they spend the money on something more worthwhile such as charity. Lots of fans have followed his remarks and donated money to mainland and Taiwan's needy children under Zai Zai's name.

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