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Vic and Barbie's Living Together Has Not Changed

Vic and Barbie's Living Together Has Not Changed

Translated by: stephanieshieh
Source: Crienglish

Vic Chou (Zai Zai) under "Rain God"'s nickname, yesterday night was in Shanghai holding a meeting, and suddenly there was a rainy windstorm, and Vic reported his itinery to girlfriend Barbie Hsu (Da S), proving that their relationship has not changed!

Vic yesterday was in Shanghai holding a meeting, with 4,000 fans present, and Vic using his "Rain God" nickname again, "brought on" sleets and sleets of rain. With the rain, he performed his singles, "Love is Loving You" (ÛÔڐÛÄã), "Remember I Love You" (Ó›µÃÎҐÛÄã), and "Meteor Shower" (Á÷ÐÇÓê). When performing that song, the fans offstage started yelling his girlfriend's name, "Da S! Da S!". After the show, the fans refused to leave, and Vic performed An Ge Qing's song, "I do" (ÎÒîŠÒâ). While playing a game with the fans, a female fan hugged him and wouldn't let go. When he received the fans' birthday to remodel a school, Vic was very moved and wrote down, "Always Going Up" (ÌìÌìÏòÉÏ) to encourage the students.

With him in Shanghai, and relationship with girlfriend Da S as a main focal point in the entertainment circle, yesterday in Taiwan there was a rumor that the two have split, saying that Vic has already moved out of Da S's house. But Vic's actions have signified that their relationship has not changed -- it doesn't matter where he is, boarding the plane, or going to the hotel, or at the reporter's meeting, he'll always call Da S, and even though he won't slip any romantic lines in, when his flight was delayed, he immediately called and reported to Barbie: "The last flight was delayed, so now I'm boarding."

Even Da S's mother insists that their relationship has not changed, only smiled and said: "They never let me listen to them on the phone!" Vic's publicist also emphasizes: "We're going to go pick up Vic now, and it doesn't matter if we pick up or take him somewhere, we will definitely go to Da S's house." It doesn't matter how you say it, Vic is still living with Barbie, and their relationships has not changed!


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