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Van Ness, God, and bed scenes

Source : NOWnews
Credit : Zahra @

After Van Ness Wu was baptized, he offered nearly all his time to the Church; God was his top priority. Because of his dedication and promise of abstinence before marriage to God, now, not only does he feel uncomfortable all over when he films bed scenes, even when he simply recalls the images, he would get the chills and must remind himself, "It's not real!"

A few days ago, during his shoot for the Trendy Men section of Beauty 321, he spoke frankly about his faith bringing purification and peace to him. 2007 was the low-point in Van ness Wu's life. Despite being supported by the popularity of F4, he felt empty inside. As a result, he decided to find himself again, and only at that time did he discover that what put him farthest from God was sex.

Van Ness stated, "I struggle a lot at first to not play around with women. In the beginning, the pastor told me to start slowly, and now I have promised God that I will observe abstinence before marriage. After the promise and his alteration, in separate years, Van Ness achieved his goal of making music, holding concert, etc. More than once, during interviews, he has testified, "Give your faith to God and everything around you will succeed." Van Ness also openly said that he was a "beast" before, but now, even though there are still women who take the initiative around him, he "sees them with different eyes."

While acting as a father and son pair with Xiao Xiao Bin in Autumn's Concerto on TTV and SETTV, Van Ness expressed his longing to be a father. He said, "In the future, I want to have many kids. If it is possible to raise them all, I want six of them. I hope to settle down, the sooner the better." As for requirements for his fated woman, Van Ness said resolutely, "I hope she loves God

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