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Autumn’s Concerto reaches its last stop

Source: SETTV, TTV, PTT, Nownews, Chinatimes
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Autumn’s Concerto (better known as Next Stop, Happiness in Chinese) arrived at its final stop this past Sunday. The hit drama ended with a 30-minute episode and took in an average rating of 8.07%. Fans were happy to see its lead characters, played by Van Ness Wu and Ady An, spend some quality time together, but they were also dissatisfied with the drama ending so abruptly.

The *intervals ratings (7.33% followed by 8.80%) seemed to indicate that viewers were just starting to warm up by the time Episode 21 finished. Those who patiently sat through the next drama got a little treat called P.S. Next Stop. The short special included outtakes from the finale, as well as the usual Van Ness-forgot-his-lines-again bloopers.

The successor to Autumn’s Concerto, P.S. Man (Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S. Nan), appeared to have benefited from its strong lead-in with an average rating of 4.57%. The new drama starring Blue Lan was off to a great start after being heavily promoted over the last few weeks. However, the *interval ratings showed a different story as episode 1 started with a high of 6.55% and finished with 3.35%. The first episode was rather slow and lacked the comic-timing of dramas in the same genre. This might be good news for Down With Love and Because Of You after all, since their ratings trailed behind at 2.84% and 0.46% respectively.

It remains to be seen if P.S. Man will pick things up when the other lead actor, James Wen, makes his debut next week. He has been on quite a streak with a Golden Bell-nominated performance on My Queen, a fan-favorite couple with Sonia Sui on The Happy Times of That Year, and even a cameo as Ady An’s father on Autumn’s Concerto.

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