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Van Ness Wu becomes a monster for his next role

Source : Chinatimes,UDN
Credit : PA @

Van Ness Wu attended a press conference to promote a new digital TV service as their spokesperson. He revealed that the American Syfy (formerly known as Sci-Fi) channel has offered him a role in the third season of Sanctuary. Van Ness Wu said he is a big fan of the network. He is expected to appear in two episodes, and the role is a monster of Asian descents with a kind heart.

In addition to the Syfy channel, the new digital TV service will also feature popular program The Biggest Loser. Van Ness Wu said he weighed up to 90 kg at one point. His mom has even sent him to summer weight loss camps when he was 10 and 12, but the weight would always return. Now that he is older, he maintains his weight at 72 kg with a normal diet and exercising. Van Ness joked that going on the scale is the most foolish thing, because looking in the mirror is much more accurate. He usually looks at himself before going into the shower and checks if any parts show signs of fattiness.

Van Ness Wu said he has been staying busy with daily meetings to discuss his new movies, TV dramas, pre-productions, as well as recording his 4th EP. It was reported that he might drop out of The Killer Never Kills after all. He was supposed to replace Vic Chou who had to leave the production after numerous delays and scheduling conflicts. Van Ness Wu’s manager explained, “(The movie company) moved up the filming date, it conflicts with the existing schedule. We are trying our best to negotiate a compromise.”

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