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Van Ness becomes producer for new drama

Source : UDN
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Despite the drug scandal from earlier, Van Ness Wu’s Smash and Grab production company has taken up the new PTS drama project to film the upcoming 6-episode idol drama, “那年,雨不停國” (lit. That year, rain does not stop the nation), where the story takes place after Typhoon Morakot.

The drama was not a project proposed to PTS by Smash and Grab Productions, but rather, it was PTS who had already completed the script and was very interested in having Director Chen Hui-Ling to film it. Director Chen was still busy filming “Autumn’s Concerto” at the time of PTS' invitation, but Van Ness fell in love with the script after reading it, so Director Chen later helped materialize the collaboration between PTS and Smash and Grab Productions. It’s estimated that the production fee would cost around one million dollars (NT) per episode and it is expected to start broadcasting on May 15.

Media were allowed to visit the set of the drama yesterday and Director Chen joked that it feels like “payback time” from Van Ness Wu. She explained that because she was too harsh on Van Ness when he was acting, and now he is her boss, controlling quality and budget of her new drama.

Van Ness admits that the details of the project are mostly handled by his partner Jimmy Hung, while he focuses on acting as a special guest star in the drama. Van Ness plays a therapist who is responsible for helping youths in post-traumatic recovery. Besides have long lines of dialogue, Van Ness reveals that the word “死” (“Si”, die) gives him the most headaches as he can never pronounce it right.

The theme for the drama is exactly what Golden Bell Awards loves, so there is a possibility that it may go head to head with “Autumn’s Concerto” this year. Van Ness comments that regardless of which drama gets a nomination or award, it’s all good. If the new drama is well received, it will make him a proud producer. The drama is also filled with talented actors such as Ding Qiang, Ke Shu Qin, and Liu Rui Qi. Van Ness expresses that it’s a very meaningful project as it talks about the post-traumatic recovery of youths, and he hopes that the script can be a form of showing support to those affected by Typhoon Morakot.

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