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Van Ness Wu praises Oxford graduated mayor for good English

Source : CNA, UDN
Credit : PA @

An epic fail indeed but not entirely his fault…..Autumn’s Concerto’s Van Ness Wu became the spokesperson for the free TTJ Bus service for the city of Taichung yesterday. He met with Mayor Jason Hu for the first time to promote their new Next Stop, Happiness public transit campaign. The two got to know each other a little better with a chit chat in English at the event. Van Ness said, “Mayor Jason Hu has a distinct personality. Very Powerful.”

Van Ness Wu was praised by Mayor Hu for his fluent English. He explained to the mayor that he had grown up in the US and returned the compliment by saying Mayor Hu’s “English is not bad” either. In response, the mayor said, “Do you know I was the foreign minister? (I do now.) You were too late! (I’m sorry.) Hey listen, the foreign minister of Taiwan gotta be something. (Yeah, definitely…) Did you know I’m graduated from Oxford? (I do now!) Haaaa! Shut up! He doesn’t know me at all. But I know him!”

In related news, the daughter of famous musician Peng Guang-Lin was arrested for using marijuana, following the recent drug bust of one of Van Ness Wu's employees. When asked about the news, he said he hasn’t done anything wrong, and is not in the position to speak on behalf of others.

News clip no.1 from SETTV (1/3) :

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