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Xiu Jie Kai celebrates birthday, Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun have awkward run in

Source : UDN
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Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun ran into each other unexpectedly because of Xiu Jie Kai's birthday celebration. Despite news of them not being on good terms due to the Black and White movie, the two embraced and Cai Yue Xun even lightly patted Zai Zai's back saying, "Long time no see." Zai Zai stayed at the party until the very end moving Xiu Jie Kai, who stated "Zai Zai is my brother for life!", to tears.

Xiu Jie Kai held his 27th birthday party last night where Cai Yue Xun, Yu Xiao Hui, Ivy Chen, and Jason cut the cake together while Alan Kuo and Champion Band performed "Zero". Zai Zai was originally going to only record a taped message, like Janine Zhang, to send wishes to Xiu Jie Kai and would not actually be present. However, later on into the party, Zai Zai suddenly appeared.

From start to finish, Zai Zai was like an "assistant" who stayed by Xiu Jie Kai's side the entire time. He didn't grab the spotlight and would only insert a few words from time to time. With him there, it gave Xiu Jie Kai a large dose of confidence at his first birthday celebration.

Ding Dang was also there and performed "I Love Him". Fans made an uproar over Zai Zai nestling on Xiu's shoulder. Zai Zai couldn't help but scold laughingly, "Do you guys really see the us as husband and wife?." To date, the two are still living together on Bade Road, their relationship can well be imagined without speaking about it.

During the latter half, Cai Yue Xun, along with Yu Xiao Hui, Ivy Chen, and others left first. Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun had came across each other onstage. Cai Yue Xun sat down on the couch Zai Zai was sitting on. Zai Zai, in return, leapt up in exaggeration and being funny said, "Oh my, the director has come! When the director is seated, who dares to stand!" Previously, Zai Zai and Mark Chao's relationship became complicated due to the Bell Awards. They could not collaborate either on the film Black and White that Cai Yue Xun had prepared due to scheduling. Thus, last night, because of Xiu Jie Kai, Zai Zai and Cai Yue Xun bumped into each other, making it awkward.

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