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Cyndi Wang says Vic Chou is a funny guy off-screen

Source : NOWnews
Credit : PA @

Cyndi Wang attended a press conference to announce her contract renewal with Sketchers. The already-slim star was photographed last year by a magazine at height of her weight gain, but she happily revealed at the event that she has lost 2 kg.

Several days ago, Cyndi Wang was asked in an interview if she was worried about becoming a “leftover-girl”. The term refers to women between the ages of 25 to 27 who are not married. She said she is not afraid at all because women are entitled to pursue their personal achievement, and their unwillingness to marry early is a reflection of “equality between men and women”.

Cyndi Wang recently played a couple with Vic Chou in a mainland green tea commercial. Although they only spent a limited amount of time together, she found out that he is actually pretty funny, so she had a good time working with him. She also mentioned that she has met a lot of “new friends” lately, but not anyone she is attracted to yet.

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