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Van Ness Wu, Glory of Love

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*The following article is an excerpt of the interview with Van Ness Wu in the new issue of Men’s Uno.

After becoming baptized for two years, Van Ness Wu now appears less flamboyant, but he gives off a strong sense of certainty towards his future. Many people might have stereotyped him during the early years because of his appearance and unruly style. It was easy to associate him with as a playboy. Van Ness Wu now faces his past frankly and clearly knows what he needs at the present. He can talk about music with confidence and passion. As for the overwhelming response from Autumn’s Concerto, which had put him back in the spotlight, he credits God for all of his success. He is also thankful that it gave his parents something to be proud of.

I became famous too quickly

Van Ness Wu burst into fame with his character Mei Zuo (Mimasaka) in the idol drama Meteor Garden ten years ago. It was also his first formal entrance into showbiz, and then becoming a member of F4. His American style/ABC personality, passion for music and love for dancing quickly became his trademark image. Over the course of ten years, his fame reached all over Asia, from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong to South-Eastern Asia, etc…If he can start over, would he go into this line of business again? He said without hesitation, “I would still choose this occupation again, because I really love music and dancing. I love giving my best performance to everyone even more.”

Before formally joining the entertainment industry, Van Ness Wu had searched for a chance to release to his own album with demo tapes that he created himself. He thought about quitting while he waited, but he was able to pull through because of his anticipation and passion. He came from LA without any special background; the only thing he had was the pursuit of his dreams. Even after Meteor Garden, he hasn’t forgotten the love that he had originally for music. We have seen him performing in a group with Korean pop star Kangta, and more recently with Kanye West on stage. Not only that, he is also a serious artist. He thanked God for giving him the warmest guidance in the times of uncertainty.

Taking a look back at the past, he doesn’t deny about losing himself because he “became famous too quickly”. When too many people offered their love, they made him lose his power to see what was real. He had become anxious and upset over gossips and false reports in the past. “When too many people congratulate you, and everyone compliments you unconditionally, it’s very easy to lose yourself in the midst of fake images and false reputations. There was a time when I asked myself if I am Mei Zuo or Van Ness Wu? I forgot what I really wanted, what my heart really cared about, what ideals I had since I was a child? I even went back to the US to settle myself down, in hopes to find the feeling I had in the beginning. All the uncertainty and agitation I had slowly disappeared after I found God!”

Rebirth after Baptism

“Many people thought I look at things differently after my belief in God. I don’t deny that my belief has changed my life, because I truly feel that God gives me a lot of power. I really want to share the happiness that I have received. I now look at things more and more peacefully, or it can be said as a departure from the hot-blooded youth. I now know better to step back and think, and look at things from a different point of view. When I hesitate, I would quietly pray and hope God would give me power. He always points me to the right road and takes me to a better place. I’m truly grateful to him!”

In the interview, he shared a phrase from the bible: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, all your plans will succeed.” He said, God gives him a lot of positive energy. He also hopes everyone can give themselves a chance to get to know God better. “He doesn’t care how much you have done, he already loves you, he already gives you love unconditionally. Just believe and proceed in the direction from God, you will be able to get where you want to be.”

Back when he was will unsure about taking on Autumn’s Concerto, he slightly panicked as many situations arose. However, he got a feeling that God wanted him to move forward bravely, and now it proved his direction was correct. “During filming, I would always have discussions with the director. I hoped to refine the most appropriate acting style, and then completely immerse myself into the drama. I believe God will take care of me, and let me do my very best.”

*The full article is available in issue No.127 of Men's Uno TW.

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