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Zaizai gets F3 encouragements, shakes his bottom and forgets about heartbreak

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After the end "DaZai Lian", it's the first official appearance for Zaizai Vic Chou, yesterday at F4 Taipei new songs event, to not get all the spotlight on his relationship, Zaizai refused to accept interviews from the press, his mood was very good and he talked and laughed with other F3, even shaked his bottom, as if he totally forgot about his heartbreak !

Without album for 5 years, F4 yesterday at Taiwan, Dan Shui wharf had a "Waiting for you here" presentation to all Asia for their new songs, attracting more than 20.000 fans to the place, with 10.000 overseas fans from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Thailand etc.., As the "Tourism board" endorsers, F4 with counting only yesterday had brought to Taiwan 200,000,000 NTD.
Recently broken up with DaS, with whom he dated for more than 2 years, the day before, because he, while going back from China to Taiwan, successfully avoided the more than 20 reporters, said that he would explain to everybody at yesterday event.

But after that, he discussed with his manager and finally, to prevent from having the spotlight on his relationship, he refused to accept interviews, having F3 agreement and support.
Reporters dscovered that a mysterious bouquet had been sent to Zaizai, with "Always supporting you !" written on it, the workers seeing the reporters showed nervousness making the flowers even more fishy, but Zaizai fans who came to support their Idol shouted " Zaizai ! Dont be afraid ! We are here for you ! " Zaizai after hearing it was very touched !

F4, apart from group songs also had one solo song each, Zaizai chose a song that describes a heartbreak, 《殘念》,with in its lyrics : "To Had thought that a happy ending would happen, but in a flash, there were only despair left ! " it was as if he sang his own feelings, Zaizai, to sing this love song looked very grave, all the heartbreak feelings written on his face, but, once he got back at F4 side, Zaizai's mood clearly became better, playing around with F3 all the time, and even oftenly shaking his bottom and dancing.

Although this time it's only a new song presentation event, but SonyBMG had put in it more than 5.000.000 NTD to do this event, having 20.000 fans, making the whole circulation a mess, usually to get from Taipei to Dan Shui, it only takes 1 hour, but yesterday, we had to take more thn 2 hours to get there.

F4 today afternoon will held a even at Xi Men Ding, the press will continue to ask Zaizai about "Da Zai Lian", and Zaizai expressed he may accept interviewsv

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