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Berince Liu: Vanness Wu is Sweet and Cute

Berince Liu: Vanness Wu is Sweet and Cute

Bernice Liu was earlier in Taiwan to shoot an advertisement, where her work partner, Vanness Wu organised a surprise birthday party, presents and sang her a birthday song. Delighted by Vanness’ thoughtfulness, Bernice praised the Taiwanese singer for being sweet and cute. Disregarding any thoughts of rumours, Bernice and Vanness then took photos while hugging each other. It is unknown if Bernice’s ‘good friend’, Moses Chan will be angered by this.

After filming an advertisement for Nike in America last year, Bernice, this year, paired with talented dancer, Vanness Wu to film a new set of advertisements. Vanness is not only the male lead in this promotional campaign, he was also the one who choreographed the dance that is featured in the ad. Although this is the first time they have met, Vanness and Bernice made friends quickly due to their upbringing in western countries. When Vanness was told it was Bernice’s birthday by a worker, he appeared not to care and continued working. But he was actually secretly planning for a surprise party.

When the clock hit twelve, Vanness, holding and cake, led a group of workers to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and entered the dance studio where Bernice was rehearsing the dance routine by herself. During the celebration, Vanness also presented the birthday girl with a gift. Overwhelmed by emotion, Bernice hugged Vanness tightly and began taking photos. To return the kindness, Vanness gave Bernice the thumbs up, to tell her that she was the best. Bernice expressed that this year’s birthday was unforgettable, she commented, “I thought that I would be spending my birthday working but then Vanness gave me such a surprise. I must express my gratitude. (Why did you passionately hug him?) We both have western personalities, a hug is very normal. (Not worried about rumours?) Rumours just because of that? Then I will have heaps of rumoured boyfriends. (Your good friend, Moses Chan, might be very jealous.) Only rumours.”

When talking about her thoughts on working with Vanness for the first time, Bernice not only praised him for being a talented musician but also being an excellent dancer. She said, “Although he is quite cool, he also has a sweet and cute side to him. We have been talking about tips to keep fit from dancing. After seeing him dance, I kind of want to further study dancing.”

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