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SMS Message from WengVann - January 20 - Sunday 6:30 pm (Mission Accomplished)

credits to WengVann @ and Certitied Van Naddicts

Summarized by daomisyel


-Gifts were given to Jerry, Vanness, Ken and Vic
She said, Happy birthday to Jerry and gave our gifts (as i instructed! wahaha!!!) and Jerry said "May you have a nice time" (blushing! haha!)

-She gave our best gift to Van Ness, and He was shocked saying "Wow, is this for me?"
(mitch: hahahaha..gotch Van Ness i know you'll like it!)

Let's wait for her to come back for more close up encounter updates.
WengVann and XiaoClaireXu,thanks for everything ..Come home and let's celebrate! hahaha!!!

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