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The past 2 days, fans xin ku le (Message from Mr Chih)

The past 2 days, fans xin ku le
22 Jan 2008

F4's new album concert and stamping session has come to an end.
Thank you to everyone who made their way here from overseas, and to Taiwan fans for their support towards them too.

The 2 day events were very lively, very exciting, letting F4 feel everyone's support and love for them.
At the same time, we understand that there are some inconvenience caused to fans during the events , and apologize for it.

A fan was injured and taken to the hospital during Danshui's event, at Ximending's events fans were sad and cried coz they were unable to get their passes stamped.
F4 are sad and apologetic for these news.
Based on the events scheduled timings, F4 seriously co-operated with the events. Believed that fans at the event venue saw that they went to Danshui for rehearsal in the morning on 19th. At Ximending stamping session, throughout the few hours they only rested for 10 mins.
As they have other work after the event, they would rather delay and return to filming set later, and try their best to stay till the last minute in order to stamp as many as they could. They understand fans wish to see them face to face, and to express their support and encouragement.

Regarding the imperfectness of the events, we will reflect on it with the organisers.
F4 promise to work harder, and to repay everyone's love with excellent works.
It's F4 7th year in showbiz, and with fans unwavering support,
besides being touched, they also hope to say to everyone many thanks....
Thank you all for personally supporting every event, and always fully support their works.
Believe that with everyone's company, F4 will work hard in the showbiz and to share their results with everyone.
Hope everyone forget the tiny unhappiness and look forward to the next exciting gathering.
Cheer Up!!!

Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

(ayan meron daw next exciting gathering, kaya cheer up! bwahahaha!!!!)

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