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Do you really care?

Do you really care?

When sometimes when we feel that we are alone and nobody wants to listen to our stories? what do you usually do? Well for me, when i feel that i am not happy i simply contact my friends through email, sms, or call them and talk to them how do they do on that day.

Sometimes we feel bored at home but not like me -good thing that i am so over-crazy with F4 (hehe) and i am very excited with their upcoming album. Can't wait to have my own copy! It took them years to collaborated and made this album possible. And us, fans are so happy.

Well if you feel lonely, there are also some websites like who will be there to give you support and find answers to your questions why you are alone. It's like a community service also provides resources for social care like nursing home. It has a database with all registered UK care homes and a forum where you can discuss your problems or anything you want to consult.

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