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F4 releases Album Da S and Xiao S reads - Always Strong Group

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F4 releases Album Da S and Xiao S reads - Always Strong Group

Idol pop group, F4 releases album. Waiting For You, after 5 years. Yesterday, at the press conference for Asia, the 4 of them took swords to place into the defense board. It was like all 4 were stronger when placed together. There were lots of different flower baskets from fans from all over the world.

The most "attracting" flower basket was of course from Da S and Xiao S. On it, it was written, "Taiwan's Forever Strong Group, May you all be loving forever." And it was signed off as ASOS, which was Taiwan strongest group, and it sort of torn off F4 a little.

With his girlfriend's flower basket, Zaizai seemed to be even more enthusiastic and told cold jokes and joked that "Very happy that F4 survived till now." Vanness had his hair done orange and was being teased by Zaizai, "Very shy, that's why even his hair turned red" and everyone couldn't help but scream cold.

Jerry, who would be turning 31 on 1st of Jan next year, is now currently rushing filming for Basketball Fire and will not be able to celebrate his birthday. However, when asked if he would love a new relationship, he gave a shocking comment , "Seeing that the other 3s' relationship is stable, i'm in full envy being single." Accidently exposing that F4's relationship had a new level.

Ken Chu, who had lots of negative reports against him, was defending his relationship with Lin Xi Lei. He expressed that because of his body condition, he looked a little swollen. "Can't understand why the media always love to hurt him." Jerry told a cold joke to help Ken write off this, " I always film with lots of metal ropes, i'm also injured "Zhong Shang"!"

Even though all 4 of them were filming, their singing career had quite some achievements. They also brought in 1.5million for being spokesperson for Taiwan's Tourism Board. And all this, took away all rumours of Jerry not wanting to work with F4. Speaking of Fahreheit, Zaizai said, " We are already out in this industry for 7 years, we do not want to be brought to be compared with kids anymore.".

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