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Article Mentions Van Ness Wu


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Yesterday, Bernice Liu dressed in sexy athletic clothes and attended a Nike promotion event
along with Vanness Wu. The sponsors broadcasted Vanness’s new “She’s not Sorry” music video made to Nike’s theme “This is Love”. This MV was directed and conceived by Vanness.

He invited Bernice to the female lead in the MV. Bernice praised that Vanness was a professional director. Every move needed to film once or twice only. She said: “Maybe it was because we both like to dance [that’s why it went so well].”

Bernice admitted that she would give extra points to boyfriends that can dance and speak in English. She then said that Vanness put her most beautiful side in the MV.

She said: “At the start of the MV, I had a sweaty look. Maybe he likes sweaty girls.”
Bernice said that she doesn’t know if Moses knows how to dance.
She only knew that he can draw but hasn’t received any of his work.
She has to film a series this Valentine’s day. Then it would be horrible for Moses?
Bernice smiled and said: “I have a lot of other friends too!”

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