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Vanness Wu regrets losing virginity at 17 to "a friend"

Taiwanese idol Vanness Wu does not want the youth to follow his mistake of losing his virginity when he was only 17 years of age, which he says is his biggest regret.

The 31-year-old singer-actor, who rose to fame as a member of F4, spoke candidly about his past at a Christian event last Thursday he attended to pray for the sick. He was baptized less than three years ago and has since vowed to not engage in premarital sex.

"I was young and ignorant, and was a little tipsy. I really regret it, even after marriage. Kids, please don't follow my footsteps."

His first love was also at 17, and he has had six girlfriends since, one of them being former soft-porn actress Vivian Hsu, which he admitted for the first time. He had another relationship which lasted a year after breaking up with Vivian, and has been single for three years now.

Tiffany Hsu, his rumoured lover, was also at the event, adding fuel to fire about the two especially when the actress-model's boyfriend, actor Ethan Ruan, was reportedly furious after she starred in one of Vanness' music videos.

Vanness explained he had spontaneously asked Tiffany to join the event long ago and that he would have extended the invitation to anyone, when reporters asked him if he was worried about an Ethan backlash.

When asked if she needs to report to her boyfriend about the trip, Tiffany only replied "I don't think there's a need. He's just a friend."

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