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Van Ness Wu sends off Xiao Xiao Bin to steal more hearts

Source : Liberty Times,UDN
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TTV/SETTV's Autumn’s Concerto will return to TV this Sunday with its second to last episode. The story continues with “lawyer” Van Ness Wu defending characters played by Chris Wu and Amanda Zhu. He will also make a decision on the relationship between him and onscreen-wife Ady An.

The drama will end next week with its finale focusing on Van Ness Wu and Ady An, along with TV-son Xiao Xiao Bin. The busy child star will still be on TV long after Autumn’s Concerto ends. He can currently be seen on CTV/GTV's Down With Love, and he will be back to battle against himself when TTV/SETTV's P.S. Man goes on the air.

Yesterday, “Alien Daddy” Van Ness Wu sent Xiao Xiao Bin off to the ladies of P.S. Man, hoping that he will bring along great ratings to the new drama. In the baton/boy-passing ceremony, Xiao Xiao Bin was tied in a red bow as he was handed over to new “mom” Bianca Bai and “teacher” Sonia Sui. The two actresses couldn’t resist playing with him, but he ran over to hug Van Ness at the moment he showed up. The ladies asked Van Ness for his secrets on getting close with Xiao Xiao Bin, he said, “Children need company, as long as (you) play with him, chat with him, then there’s no problem.” Sonia Sui added, “It’s obvious, they have a very good relationship.”

Xiao Xiao Bin will play the role of Xiao Tuo Luo in the upcoming P.S. Man. When asked if Sonia Sui or Bianca Bai is prettier, the smart boy avoided trouble by answering, “One is my teacher, one is my mom. They are both very pretty.”

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