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Vanness Wu's film company involved in drug scandal

TAIPEI: Taiwan police have come up with a list of celebrities they wish to question on drug related offences after investigating the film production company jointly run by action star Sammo Hung's son, Jimmy Hung, former F4 member Vanness Wu and a few others.

During a raid on the company's premises last week, Taiwan police caught a 29-year-old employee named Zhou with marijuana.

Zhou denied ever selling drugs to any artistes.

They also caught three of Zhou's associates and believed that all four men used code words like "hand-made cookies" and "CD" to buy drugs from a syndicate.

Police suspect that an international syndicate which uses American-Chinese to smuggle drugs into Taiwan is involved.

Police said they have begun a dragnet operation to arrest drug offenders in the entertainment industry and believe that the names of many more artistes involved in this matter will turn up over the course of their investigations.

Jimmy Hung said through a friend that he had reprimanded Zhou but believed that Zhou, a competent employee, should be given a second chance.

Hung also expressed concern over police suspicions that other artistes are involved in the matter.

Wu was in Japan at the time of the incident and could not be reached for comment. However, his manager Katie denied rumours that Zhou was once Wu's assistant and insisted Zhou just "helped Wu out for about one or two weeks".

Drug scandals have rocked the Asian entertainment scene in recent months. Japanese actress Noriko Sakai was arrested for drug possession in August last year.

Hong Kong teen model Monique Chau has also been convicted of drug possession just last month after being caught with ketamines in a school bathroom.

- CNA/ha

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