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Autumn's Concerto drew tears…and unexpected laughter

Autumn's Concerto drew tears…and unexpected laughter

Source : CNA-NEWS,Chinatimes,TTV
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After being off the air for two weeks, TTV/SETTV’s idol drama Autumn's Concerto returned to TV last Sunday with a two-hour episode. Despite it was last day before school starts after the Chinese New Year holidays, approximately 3.55 million viewers stayed up to watch episode 20 until 12 AM. Although the episode's average rating didn’t break 10% as the cast and crew had hoped, it still managed a pretty impressive rating of 8.06%.

The first half of episode 20 was filled with court battles stemming from the Fang Ge attempted murder case. With surprisingly few scenes between the two leads, Van Ness Wu and Ady An, the episode mainly showcased the performances of its supporting actors. Chris Wu, in the role of Hua Tuo Ye, proved his acting has come along way since the beginning of the series in his court scenes. He also provided some unexpected comic relief during a conversation with his “lawyer” Van Ness Wu. Many viewers commented that they cracked up when Hua Tuo Ye told Guang Xi, “….that ‘Xiu Xiu Xiu” “You You You” (referring Xiao Le's “Miss You Miss You”), who else could it be referring to?”

The highest rated segment from episode 20 came courtesy of the confrontation between Van Ness Wu’s character and his mother President Fang. The two reconciled after President Fang told Guang Xi the truth behind his father’s suicide. She also had a few words of wisdoms for his son in dealing with his own relationship with Mu Cheng. Many viewers cried while watching their scenes and complimented the acting of last year’s Golden Bell Best Actress winner Liu Rui-Qi. The ratings shot up at the moment when Van Ness Wu’s Guang Xi told his mother, “Sorry, thank you!”

Autumn’s Concerto will return to the air this Sunday for the last time with a 30-minute finale. P.S. Man is scheduled to make its debut at 10:30 PM in hopes to carry the momentum from its predecessor. Their competitor Down With Love has dropped back to an average rating 2.28% with its latest episode after a two-week hiatus. There are rumors that GTV would like to re-shoot its ending, as the entire series has already been uploaded onto the Internet. Meanwhile, the struggling Because Of You might be en route to become the lowest rated series of the year. It took in an average rating of 0.34% last week.

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