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Vic Chou loses out on filming Killer Never Kills and Black & White

Vic Chou loses out on filming Killer Never Kills and Black & White
Change of director, alter script, Zaizai will not be Killer anymore

Source : UDN
Credit : fufu @

Vic Chou, after gaining massive popularity from the hit drama, “Black & White,” has been receiving invitations non-stop to star in movies. Originally, Vic declined the offer to film the movie version of “Black & White” and decided to film, “The Killer Never Kills” (殺手 歐陽盆栽). However, due to the change in Director, problems with the script and other issues, there have been rumors that the project has been put on halt. Vic has waited two months for the project and his manager expresses, “He will be filming the drama 回家 (Hui Jia / Returning Home) in March, so there is no way for him to accommodate.” Producer Zeng Bao Yi of “Killer” confirms that the project has been postponed and that they will try their best to arrange their schedules with both sides.

Yesterday, Vic expressed through his manager Zhi Xiang Li, “He already spent one to two months in training, so of course he hopes that he can continue in the project.” Last year, it was also due to scheduling that he turned down the offer to act alongside Mark Chao in the “Black & White” movie. Producer Yu Xiao Hui of “Black & White” expressed, “We will begin filming in June and the cast will have a male and female actor from Mainland China.” She also added that because they have already changed the script around, they have no plans of asking Vic to be in the project again.

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