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Autumn’s Concerto struggles to hold its ratings

Source : Chinatimes, Nownews, TTV, SETTV
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The hit drama aired its "rumored-to-be" second-to-last episode this past Sunday, but it failed to top its series-high ratings from the previous week. Autumn’s Concerto received an average rating of 7.67% and a highest interval rating of 8.12% on February 7th. Jerry Yan and Ella Chen’s Down With Love continued to improve from last week ratings with 3.37%. It is expected to take over the number one spot after Autumn’s Concerto goes off the air, as the next SETTV drama P.S. Man doesn’t appear to be strong competition at this point. Because of You managed to lose over half of its ratings from last week and ended up with 0.44%. Anyone that has actually watched this drama shouldn't be too surprised. Its leading ladies were so wrongfully miscast that there is really nothing can be done to save it.

Fans are sure to be disappointed as they were hoping Autumn’s Concerto to match the all-time highest ratings from Fated to Love You. The Ethan Ruan/Joe Chen drama set the record back in 2008 with an average rating of 10.91% and a highest interval rating of 13.64% on episode 20. Autumn’s Concerto still has a shot (although a slim one) at the record, but for sure that won’t happen this weekend. The drama will be preempted for the Diamond Club Chinese New Year special on February 14th, which is scheduled to air from 8 – 12 PM. Instead of the Ady An/Van Ness Wu on-screen couple, we will have to make do with the Li Jing/Huang Kuo-Lun pair on this Sunday.

SETTV offered a look at the behind scenes of Autumn’s Concerto after episode 19 featuring interviews and outtakes. They have also started a poll on the SETTV Autumn’s Concerto blog for viewers to vote on who actually “killed” the character Fang Ge from the last episode. For those who haven’t watched episode 19 yet, Fang Ge was not technically “killed” as he is still lying in the hospital half-dead. Hua Tuo-Ye, played by Chris Wu, insisted that he had kill Fang Ge in order to protect Hua Ci-Xin.

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