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Van Ness Wu says God is better than sex

Source: UDN, Chinatimes
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Is God really better than sex?.....A big YES if you ask Van Ness Wu because it is even written on his shirt. He, along with other believers, attended The Festival of God`s Power Conference yesterday at the Taipei Arena. Van Ness Wu was baptized two years ago and spoke frankly about the changes religion has made in his life at the event.

Van Ness Wu revealed that he has had six girlfriends in the past and lost his virginity at seventeen. However his first night was not spent with his girlfriend, as he embarrassingly explained, “Maybe (I) was na├»ve, and had drank a little as well. The person was just a friend, but not someone I loved...I’m very regretful, even after I get married I will still regret it.” He added, “This is not something good, kids should never do this.”

Van Ness Wu didn’t deny his relationship with Vivian Hsu like previously, because he doesn’t like to lie after becoming a Christian. He also disclosed that after Vivian Hsu, he dated someone outside of showbiz for a year. As for the reason for their breakup, “I was focusing on my career at that time and wasn’t prepared to be in a relationship. It was the wrong timing.” He said he has been single for three years, which means this relationship was likely to have started a few months after he broke up with Vivian Hsu.

The 31 year-old Van Ness Wu said marriage and children are part of his plan for life. His dad often hints to him, “I really want to carry my grandchildren.” When asked what he looks for in his partner, Van Ness answered, “(She) must be the same as me, putting God in first place.” He revealed that he had signed a celibacy card back in March of 2008, but “experienced temptation right after signing it, because a bunch of girls came looking for me.” He even took out the card from this wallet to show everyone.

Van Ness Wu said he used to chase after girls impulsively, but now he has learned to observe and act with marriage in mind. He prays for almost an hour everyday and prays for his friends as well. Last night, he represented his church as a staff from the “healing prayer group” to pray for others at the event. He kneeled down besides one of the female church members, put his hand on her forehead, and started praying for her. Van Ness was asked if he would consider becoming a full-time pastor. He responded, “I have thought about it, but I have no intention for now. I’ll leave it up to God.”

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