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Van Ness Wu: God will take me through the storm

Source : Issue# 1671 of China Times Weekly
Credit : PA @

*This is an excerpt from the China Times Weekly magazine.

Van Ness Wu’s life has been like a rollercoaster ride. It rapidly reaches its highs and then dives into its lows. He made it big with Meteor Garden and quickly accumulated a fortune, but he used it all to pay off his mother’s debt three years ago. More recently, he became the new king of idol drama with Autumn’s Concerto, but he was back in a scandal again with the arrest of his staff member.

Police recently discovered that an international drug trafficking organization has been using Chinese Americans to tranport and sell drugs locally. Their tips led them to Jimmy Hung and Van Ness Wu’s film company, Smash & Grab Productions. Staff member Chou Yi-Quan was found with a substantial amount of marijuana. His arrest in turn involved Jimmy Hung and Van Ness Wu into the scandal. The two have yet to be interviewed by the police at this point. They publicly denied that they were involved on the 21st and said they would cooperate with police to complete urine tests.

Chou Yi-Quan was originally referred by Jimmy Hung to work at their film company a year ago. He was hired as a producer and met Van Ness Wu when he started on the job. Half a year later, Van Ness Wu accepted his role in Autumn’s Concerto and needed an assistant to help with translating his scripts. The company then asked Chou Yi-Quan to assist him for two weeks.

Concerning his staff member's drug use, Van Ness Wu said he felt helpless on being dragged into scandal in addition to being stunned. He was originally scheduled to promote his album in Japan until March, but returned on the 21st to host an impromptu fan meeting and clarify his innocence. He stated that he has never used marijuana and will comply with doing a urine test if required.

Van Ness Wu already had a buzz cut when he went to the cover shoot back on February 6th. The hair dresser couldn’t style his hair because it was too short and had to trimmed it even shorter. At the time of the interview, he revealed that he had cut his hair for a short film he was shooting in the US back in January. After the scandal broke out, his buzz cut unexpectedly raised speculations that he had cut it to get rid of traces of the drug.

He said, “I was in Hokkaido at the time. (I) didn’t want to care when (I) heard the news. (I) didn’t even want to reply to text messages from friends, because the roaming charges were so expensive. My mom called and asked me to clarify myself to everyone. My family is praying for me.”

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