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Autumn’s Concerto sets series high ratings record

Source: CNA, Nownews, SETTV
Translated by PA @

It was a big night for Autumn’s Concerto again this past Sunday with episode 18 bringing in an average rating of 8.23%. The much-anticipated ratings battle between Van Ness Wu and Jerry Yan was closely watched by many as the F2 went head to head. Jerry Yan’s new show Down With Love made a strong debut at 2.63% and will look to improve on those numbers in the upcoming weeks. Much to the dismay of Show Luo and his fans, Hi! My Sweetheart finished with a short 45 minutes finale to make way for its successor, which aired its first episode at 10:45 PM. His drama finished with a solid 5%, but the new drama Because of You, starring Baron Chen, lost most of it and found itself at the bottom with only 1.02%

Autumn’s Concerto Chris Wu finally fulfilled his promise of doing a dive when the ratings break 6%. He previously vowed to jump off from Bitan but had to change the location to a local swimming pool as it was illegal. Chris Wu was joined by costar Van Ness Wu, along with Amanda Zhu (Hua Ci-Xin) and Green Tea (Pin-a), at the event. They began with a ice-breaking ceremony to celebrate the new ratings record, followed by the long-awaited dive.

Chris Wu originally planned to dive from the 3 meter spring board but upgraded to the 7 meter platform to show his sincerity. He took off his shirt as per the media’s request and showed off his six-pack. Chris Wu stood on the platform and shouted, “I’m doing this for “Next Stop” (Autumn’s Concerto)!” and jumped off without any hesitation. Van Ness Wu, who has just returned from the US, complimented his costar and said, “He is very brave, very handsome, and has a well-trained body." Chris Wu said lead actress Ady An will do a pole dance if the ratings break 10%, while Green Tea urged Van Ness to take a dive with all three guys together if the ratings break 11%, Van Ness responded, “There are 2 episodes left, let’s fight for it.”

News clip from "Wan Quan Yu Le" (1/2) :

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